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  • Reed Covers Randy - August 2019 - (Ten Randy Newman songs arranged for acoustic guitar)

  • Spur Cross & Carefree - July 2019 - (collaboration with my father, author Peter Turchi, combining his story with musical accompaniment)

  • Rambling 7” - May 2019 - (Two songs recorded for a limited edition 7” for the Southall Farms Rambling Series)

  • Midnight in Memphis - April 2019 - (Seven piece version of Kudzu Choir rocking in Sun Studio in Memphis, recorded for PBS)

  • Just a Little More Faith - July 2018 - (Staples Singers x Fred McDowell, four-part vocal harmonies direct to tape)

  • Live at Soulshine - October 2017 - (14-piece psychedelia "Sun Ra meets Mississippi Fred McDowell"

  • Tallahatchie - December 2016 - (solo, acoustic, "Robert Johnson in a hotel room lost to space and time")

  • Speaking in Shadows - March 2016 - (full band, full studio, made in Memphis with plenty of ear-candy and guest stars)

  • We Spoke in Song - June 2015 - (farewell jam and drum machine album made in an old JC Penny in Richmond by the TURCHI trio)

  • Wijiji / Tar Hani 7" - May 2015 - (Saharan Desert Blues influenced covers made by Reed with looping and drum machines)

  • Scrapyard - November 2014 - (collaboration with Italian guitar-master Adriano Viterbini, recorded in Memphis and in Rome)

  • Can't Bury Your Past - April 2014 - (blues rock trio at its studio finest with sax from Art Edmaiston and organ from Anthony Farrell)

  • When You're Lost It's All A Sign 7" - February 2014 - (two solo songwriter-esque songs by Reed put out by Fat Elvis Records in Knoxville)

  • My Time Ain't Now 10" - July 2013 - (often overlooked because of the 10" format - this is a great batch of studio songs featuring Jake Xerxes Fussell)

  • Live in Lafayette - November 2012 - (declared "Vital, live, and essential" by Living Blues magazine, this is the peak of live TURCHI trio action)

  • Road Ends in Water - March 2012 - (where it all began -- dirty Hill Country inspired tunes with guest appearances from Luther Dickinson)