After seven years and as many albums, Tallahatchie finds Reed Turchi returning to the music that lead him to play guitar. Stripped of studio tricks, these songs are presented simply: a slide, a voice, an acoustic guitar, a wooden chair on a wooden floor. Tallahatchie is named after the river running through North Mississippi, homeland of Hill Country Blues, and is an homage to that genre and its patriarchs (RL Burnside, Fred McDowell, Otha Turner). Not just a collection of covers, Tallahatchie transcends, as Turchi’s intimate singing, unmistakable slide, and hypnotic rhythms are clearly his own, refreshingly direct and deeply personal.

"Turchi proves to be an old soul...we feel like we are sitting right there in some lonely cabin deep amongst the pines and the kudzu sipping whiskey and listening to him play his heart out." -Neil Ferguson, Glide Magazine

“(Tallahatchie) strips it bare to an honest bone - just man and guitar. You know the songs, and the meditative simplicity is just what we need to grasp something we think we know; a familiar reality in this time of cultural and political uncertainty. – Greg Vandy, KEXP

“Tallahatchie certainly has that inward-looking contemplative mood about it. The record has a "Robert Johnson in a boarding-house with a guitar, a mic and a recording machine" ambiance." -- Bill Kopp, Asheville Mountain XPress

"Turchi returns to his roots, and effects a brilliant strategy. DeStijl in design, the album is a work of minimalism...Turchi’s great talent for absorbing, interpreting, and continuing the talents of Sonny Boy Williamson, and Mississippi Fred McDowell (“Write Me A Few Lines”), and even Charley Patton (“Mississippi Boll Weevil”) make this album a relaxing, raw, cathartic respite, free from the conformity of a full band." -- Sean Jewell, American Standard Time

"...delivered by Turchi's voice and his slide guitar with the class and the charisma of a perfect Blues Troubadour. Tallahatchie is an album that goes beyond the pure and simple love for the traditions of the Hill Country Blues. It's the most sincere labour of love possible of a musician that has never forgotten where his musical heart belongs to and always will." - Gio Pilato, Bluebird Reviews

"Here are dark, plunging canyons of natural reverb, resounding and haunting rail-sounds, sky-punching stops, vocals rattling like winter trees. On each song of Tallahatchie Reed Turchi plays and sings in full command – and in fullness of humility – among the blues storytellers whose music he has absorbed down to his marrow: Fred McDowell, North Mississippi Allstars, Furry Lewis, Elmore James, Mississippi John Hurt. His guitar and voice are saturated with that kerosene. He has made new fire. May it spread wide and far." - Kevin McIlvoy

"Tallahatchie is a brilliant new selection of recordings by Reed Turchi. Inspired by his mentors, North Mississippi performers RL Burnside, Mississippi Fred McDowell, and Otha Turner, Turchi creates an intimate homage to their music. His clean, sweet sounds of acoustic blues resonate with the heart and introduce an exciting new chapter in his impressive musical career." - William Ferris

"Reed Turchi has delivered an original, unvarnished interpretation of a long musical tradition.  Tallahatchie taps the sacred and profane roots behind it to make those mysterious, conflicted energies vital all over again.  Such renewal keeps the art alive, and this record is as alive as a whippoorwill singing from a midnight hillside." - Maurice Manning

NEW ALBUM Reed Turchi - Tallahatchie

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European and US national tours with Adriano Viterbini
(2016 and 2015), two solo headlining tours in Italy (2013 and 2014), 
headlined Mojo Fest (Rome, 2014), headlined Harley
Davidson Festival (Milwaukee, 2014), multiple US nation-wide tours (2012-2016)