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“Turchi has become an indomitable blues force in the last decade…You can just hear the magic in these Sun Studio recordings. The air in that room is electrified.”

-American Standard Time

“Simultaneously rooted in tradition and a more contemporary take, Midnight in Memphis is an exciting addition to an impressive canon of music from Turchi, who plays the role of slide guitarist, singer, and some kind of devilish cross between a revival tent preacher and a conductor…the group dives into the gritty and danceable groove.”

-Glide Magazine

“Turchi gently bends the instrument to his will, balancing flourishes against restraint, with the needs of the song taking priority. He doesn’t show off, in other words. He just plays really well. Turchi’s guitar work will, without a whiff of conspicuous effort, nevertheless insist upon its own greatness.”


"Reed Turchi’s follow-up to my favorite record from last year (Just A Little More Faith) is "Midnight In Memphis” and it fulfills every expectation. Art Edmaiston's sax blows a hole in my heart, and once again, Reed not only has the songs, but the vibe.”

-Greg Vandy, KEXP

“Turchi’s music has the stomp, slur and moan of the blues, of older grittier country strains of blues, of the blues that just got plugged in and electrified and citified but still retained its rural roots. He’s called it swamp boogie. He sounds like he’s soaked up his share of John Lee Hooker, Howlin Wolf and R.L. Burnside. But, depending on which recording you listen to, Turchi, 28, also sounds like he’s synthesized the vibe of the Rolling Stones, T Rex and Beck, too.”

-YES! Weekly